Healthy snacks – sweet potatoe biscuits

Hey everyone

So I made these sweet potato biscuits last night and they taste lovely , I was a bit skeptical how they would turn out but trust me they are yummy . I made them for my daughter as a finger food snack but think il be taking some for myself 😀 So if your looking for a healthy toddler snack or snack for yourself deffo give these  a go , all you need is 3 ingredients .

  • one sweet potato  ( 150g)
  • 150g of self raising flour
  • 65g of softened unsalted butter

Peel your sweet potato and chop into pieces and boil until soft . Then mash this. Once your sweet potatoe is mashed add it into a bowl to your flour and butter.

Using your hands mix the ingredients until you get a dough . Roll this out on a flat surface then cut out as many as you like . I used star shape cookie cutters for my daughter but you could make any shape .

Pop them onto a non stick baking  tray in the oven and cook for around 15 minutes at  180 , until golden and crispy . That’s it , it’s that simple .

Let me know if you try them



5 Star Holiday In The Canaries

Hey everyone

So in October me and my little family went away to Gran Canaria for a nice winter sun break, and that it was,  the weather was amazing , much warmer than I thought. I was delighted as I love the sun.

We stayed in the most AMAZING hotel in the Meloneras area of Gran Canaria, Lopesan Baobab a 5star hotel with an African theme. Meloneras is   a new up-market resort near Maspolomas. It consists of 4 and 5 star hotels, designer shops, chic boutiques and lovely restaurants. You won’t find any of your typical touristy bars and shops here, however you can take a walk down to Maspolmas which has a lot more activity if thats what your looking for.

The hotels in Meloneras are huge with large amounts of facilities and different restaurants you could actually just stay on the grounds of the hotel if you wanted. There was a mix up with our booking so on our first night we had to stay in their sister hotel Lopesan  Costa Meloneras Resort, Spa & Casino and on arrival we weren’t disappointed the exterior of the hotel was fab and the inside lobby had a lovely relaxed vibe with a piano player and seats looking out onto the infinity pool

Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort 

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Yummy in a hurry

Hey guys

So as you know I work full time and I’ve a little girl who just turned one , so there is never enough hours in the day. I’m always looking for quick and easy things to make for my daughter for her dinner or snacks and made these banana  & oat cookies last night and they were a huge success .


They are so easy to make and involve 2 ingredients !! The browner the banana the sweeter the taste. Preheat you oven and then all you need is

2 bananas                                                         cup of porridge oats                                vanilla extract ( optional)                 cinnamon ( optional)                                 dried fruit ( optional


Mash your bananas in a bowl and add in the oats and mix together , then you can pop them in the oven for approx 15/20 minutes or you add in extra ingredients then pop in the oven . Once they are a golden brown take them out and let them cool , then enjoy 😀






Glossybox October – whats inside the box

Hey guys

So can you believe its the middle of October already. This months Glossybox arrived and I have to say I really like it, the products are a good size and ones I will actually use. And next months one is super exciting, eek its a Nars edition !!


First up is my favourite product from this month, the Lanolips Lip Ointment. It came in “rhubarb” shade and it also has an SPF 15. Enriched with Vitamin E , natural oils and lanolin it helps to ease chapped lips.                                                This will be perfect for my holidays to the Canaries later this month. It feels so moisturising and smooth on my lips and adds a hint of colour to my lips. It retails for £7.99 on  Boots website.

Lanolips Lip Ointment

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Hi lovelies

So I was looking back at some old pics and wishing I was back in Dubai . I went last year and to date its been my favourite holiday destination ( along with New York lol)

I thought I’d do up a blog post of my trip to Dubai for anybody who might be going to Dubai or thinking of going.  So I hope you find this useful and any questions let me know 🙂

Dubai skyline from the beach

So first of all we flew with Emirates. I actually booked the flights during their sale over Christmas/new year and we flew out start of March. It was kinda a last minute thing I just had it in my head I was going to Dubai and that was that. Our flights were approx €500 each. We flew direct from Dublin airport which was great we had no stopovers.

I couldn’t believe the heat for March it was so nice and sunny everyday. Our hotel was fab , our room was amazing we arrived late at night,  the hotel were so friendly. We stayed in the Radisson Blu Dubai Downtown our pool was a rooftop pool overlooking the city.

There is different areas you can stay in Dubai, each are relatively close to each other just a small taxi journey away. ( taxis are quite cheap too) . We stayed in Downtown Dubai so that was like the city part we were close to the The Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa. we would then just hop in a taxi to Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek  or The Palm Jumeirah or to a beach. ☀️

My first impressions of Dubai were that it was very modernised and I felt like I was in America. Dubai has become very westernised now so don’t be afraid, you are allowed were shorts and dresses, girls wear bikinis on the beach too ! That was a question I got asked a lot, “did i have to cover up on holidays??” In local areas however you should dress appropriately.

If you like shopping you will looooooove The Dubai Mall – the worlds largest shopping mall. It has everything you can think of , so many shops, a whole section designated to top end designer shops, shoe garden, so many places to eat, an aquarium and much much more. The Dubai Fountain is outside and there is amazing shows at night time around the fountain, a bit like what you would see in Las Vegas. The Burj Khalifa is also near Dubai Mall ( tallest building in the world) If you want to go to the top of the Burj Khalife  book your ticket in advance as when we were there it was sold out a few days in advance.                                                                                                                                                                                       There is also another large shopping mall , Emirates Mall. This shopping centre has the famous indoor skiing. One minute you can be in shorts in 30degrees the next you are freezing drinking hot chocolates , only in Dubai.😂

view from inside Dubai Mall
view from inside Dubai Mall
The waterfront at Dubai Mall
The waterfront at Dubai Mall
Burj Khafalia
Burj Khalifa

Atlantis The Palm.                                                                                                                                                                       For any of you Sex and the City fans you will recognise this hotel.

AtlantisThePalm_05                                                                                                                          I was so excited to see this hotel and the adjoining waterpark. You can even swim with dolphins in the Atlantis. When you are driving through The Palm on your way to The Atlantis the view is amazing. Of course I did the touristy thing and got loads of pics outside the hotel .                                                                                                         We had a great day out in the waterpark there was so much to do, there’s even a man made beach in the waterpark, Not gonna lie I was terrified on some of the water rides but that’s part of the fun. One slide though that I could not face was The Leap of Faith it just looked terrifying !! I took the easy way down on a smaller slide lol, I still got to go through the shark tunnel. Unfortunately we didn’t get to swim with the dolphins but its on my to do list.

The Leap of Faith
The Leap of Faith

7 star Burj Al Arab hotel   🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟                                                                                                                                         Of course Dubai would have a 7 star hotel,  sure they already have tallest building , biggest shopping mall etc.Burj_al_Arab

This hotel is a regular with celebs and sports stars. To visit the hotel if you are not staying there you have to make a reservation and show this to security to get through. There is various options for visiting the hotel, we booked the evening  high tea. I was dying to see the inside of the hotel and see what a 7star had to offer. The hotel is so unique in its look and design and the  food and drink tasted amazing, gold flakes in your cappuccino , how fancy 🙂  After our food we had a look around the hotel, the common theme here is gold. You can see gold everywhere in the hotel.


I presumed Dubai was going to be very expensive. But I’m from Dublin and used to being ripped off I found the prices ok. The tourist attractions would be the same as other main tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Empire State Buidling etc.  I didn’t find clothes or makeup cheaper but I did pick up an amazing Micheal Kors bag that I always used until I became a mammy,  now I use a baby bag.                                                                             Dubai nightlife has something for everybody,  there is some gorgeous restaurants ( booking in advance may be needed ) or then you can go clubbing till the early hours of the morning or just have a few relaxing  drinks over looking the sea.

One thing we didn’t get around to doing was the dessert trip or riding on the camels , but hey it’s an excuse to go back to Dubai ☺️. There is so much to see in Dubai we went for a week and I’m sure il be going back again at some stage to explore even more of Dubai. I’ve probably forgotten to write about other things we did in Dubai as it was last year sorry about that .

This is only my experience of Dubai and I know everybody will have different holiday experiences but I hope you find it helpful. Any questions let me know and I’d be happy to answer them

Chat soon X x X x

In Stitches – Personalised gifts by a local Irish business

Hello everyone 🙂

So we all love personalised gift don’t we , they just seem to make that gift extra special. Well last week I got chatting to the lovely Claire from Drogheda who is a mammy herself  to a little girl and baby boy and has set up her own business called In Stitches  making personalised frames and gifts.


In Stitches creates handcrafted bespoke gifts for any occasion. Claire will create to your liking.  She is based in Drogheda but posts nationwide and internationally if required.


Claire came up with the idea while on maternity leave , she began making frames as a way of doing something for herself and found it relaxing then realised she had a knack at making them and as you can see from the pics the attention to detail is amazing !


Frames start from €30 with p&p €10 and each frame is made to order so you get to add your own personal touch to the frame. If customers live locally she will try her best to arrange delivery/ collection to avoid postage costs.

Claire has a great passion for making these gifts and its great to support local Irish businesses. So if you are looking for a gift for a new baby, birthday, Fathers/Mothers Day etc make sure you check out Claire’s work and get in touch with her as she would be delighted to help.

You can check out Claire’s work on her Facebook page and also on her Twitter page


Speak to you soon lovelies X xx

Travelling with a baby ✈️✈️✈️

Hey everyone

So it’s summer time ( doesn’t look like it in Ireland ) so lots of you are probably heading off on holidays . I’m just home from an amazing 2 weeks in the sun ☀️ and thought I would let you know what it’s like travelling with a baby. So for anybody who is thinking of bringing their baby on holidays or if you have a holiday booked I hope you find this post helpful , also share with your friends 🙂

So first of all  make sure you leave enough time to get your baby’s passport as there can be delays ! Then when booking double check what items you can bring on the plane . I flew with Aer Lingus and with them you can bring a stroller and travel cot free of charge as part of your booking which was great as I needed to bring a travel cot with me . Most hotels will normally provide you with a travel cot so you just need to bring your own sheets and blankets with you so ask where your staying before you travel . image I got a bit carried away with clothes shopping for my little girl I just had to have everything in the shops. I realised towards the end of the holiday I brought way too much stuff with me and things I didn’t even need for her , typical ! Sun hats are a must though as the sun can be really strong and I picked up one of the uv suits in Pennys for €8 , bargain ! This was great for the pool as it came with a uv hat too. I picked up a few packs of swim nappies from Boots to wear under her little swimsuits .

I flew from Dublin airport and found them very helpful. Be organised in the airport as you need to show nearly everything . You are allowed bring your baby’s bottles , formula , water , snacks , medicine etc on board with you so don’t worry about any of that , everything just has to be checked by security first. Your buggy also needs to go through the X-ray machine, I’d recommend getting a stroller for holidays as it’s much easier to manage in the airport for folding etc and you don’t  need to worry about your good buggy getting damaged in transit .

Ok ok so the “dreaded” plane journey . I heard so many stories of babies crying for the whole flight because of sore ears , restless etc so I didn’t know what to expect. Once on the plane you will get a child’s belt ( if child is 0-2 years) and this attaches to your own belt . Our flight was in the afternoon so I wasn’t expecting her to be sleepy. During take off I was waiting for her to start crying or get cranky but nope nothing , she was so amazed at all the people on the plane and her little toy rattle that I don’t think she noticed it . I did have a bottle with me and some nurofen just incase her ears hurt . It’s advisable to have a bottle for take off and landing as the sucking can help ease the discomfort of the baby’s ears popping. It was a 4 hour flight and she had a great time , me on the other hand 😂 well I wasn’t able to listen to my iPod or read magazines or eat because she wanted everything that was in my hands. She was getting lots of enjoyment out of pulling the Aer Lingus booklets out of the seat and trying to rip them up! I also had my iPad with me incase she wanted to watch some BabyTv. She eventually dosed off towards the end of the flight. During the flight she drank 2 bottles and some finger food snacks .

During the holiday I found she  napped more and drank more water as it was very warm . The swimming pool was her favourite part as I got a swim seat for her so she could kick away in the pool more freely . One important thing to note is if you are bottle feeding you have to be careful what water you use to make up the bottles as some bottled waters contains very high levels of sodium . These are the guidelines with bottled water :

– less than 200 milligrams (mg) a litre of sodium (also written as Na)
– no more than 250mg a litre of sulphate (also written as SO or SO4)

I was lucky that my apartment had a microwave so I just bought the Munckin  microwave sterilising bags from McCabe’s pharmacy with me , they were under €4 a box. So ask before you travel what is in your apartment / hotel room as you might have to bring your steriliser with you. Depending on what country you are travelling to your baby’s formula mightn’t be sold in that country so make sure you have enough formula with you to last the duration of your holidays .

Unfortunenatly our flight home was late at night and ended up being delayed till 12.40 😴. She slept on the flight the whole way home so I was delighted. Make sure you have some blankets as I thought the flight home at night was cold and to make her more comfy for her to sleep the blankets helped.

If yoy have any more questions about travelling with a baby let me know and il get back to you x x

Miss Fit Skinny Tea

Hi everybody

So I am sure you have all heard about deatox teas and teas that claim to make you shed the pounds , but do they really work.

Well last month I ordered the 14 day teatox from after hearing great things about the product. I was going on a sun holiday in 2 weeks so needed all the help i could get with my mammy belly . The lovely blogger Facesbygraces had just started drinking it and shared it on her snapchat and she was so nice to reply to my snapchat telling me how it tasted.

It arrived in two days so was very quick. I love the strawberry infuser that you for the tea its so cute 🙂 .

So the taste test ….. I was actually suprised how nice it tasted and was so easy to drink ( I’m not a big herbal tea fan ) . I drank 2 cups a day as I work full time and have a baby girl its all I could fit in but after the 2 weeks I could see a major difference. The bloating around my stomach had decreased so I was delighted, and felt much more comfortable in my bikinis. It also comes with a free meal plan to help you stay on track. And NO it does not make you pregnant haha as there has been other teatox brands that can have a laxative effect therefore affecting your pill effectiveness . Don’t worry girls Miss Fit Skinny Tea doesn’t do that.

I ordered mine online from their website but it is also starting to become available nationwide in various chemists and other retailers. For latest updates you can check their website or their Facebook page and you can check out Facesbygraces at miss fit skinny teaThats all for now chat soon Xxx